About Us

We are Dax and Linda, a husband and wife team living out our dreams.  We began our business in 2011 while we were both deep in the corporate workforce.  We started out in the spare bedroom of our 3rd floor apartment.  We are still amazed our neighbors never complained about the late night noise from Dax working on the lathe.  We were able to build our first house together in 2012.  By 2015 we had both left the comfort and "safety" of corporate life.  We were also fortunate enough to find our own piece of paradise in Gober, Texas.  We are grateful every day for all the challenges and opportunities that come our way.  We are not always perfect, but we strive to be better every day.  Our goal is to provide products to enrich your lives and help you focus on your own positive thought process.  We thank you for the chance to serve you and for your continued support.  Our customers are the reason why we are able to live our American dream.


Thank you, 

Linda & Dax